Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lime Soda Salt n' Sweet

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.

When you order 'lime soda salt n' sweet' one realizes the tastes of life... seldom does one go through all of these; actually life is well lived in love and harmony with 'line juice salt and sweet'... read on....

Nalin broke his silence and showed the frustration out blurting his mind out; as his so-called close professional friends remarked him on his unsuccessful cure. Mahim has been silent for days and months now; Nalin being his personal doctor has no clue of what’s cooking in. Nalin has had the best of his studies tried out; being well known psychiatrist all around the region and in neighboring states; he is still yet to get insight into what Mahim is up to. Mahim has joined as fresh and challenging case to Nalin's quest to glory as the best doctor in his field; he has studied and now practicing for years.

Gopal the ward boy rushed to Nalin's cabin; without realizing that Nalin was in meeting with so-called international psychiatrists. Annoyed Nalin had a better-showcased look on his face; he just in driving out tone asked 'what is it Gopal? Can’t it wait?’. Gopal in response just said ' Sir ... sorry... its him.. Mahim!'. Nalin seemed to have understood; he broke his angry looking face with mild smile and said 'will be there!’. As Gopal left the cabin; Nalin was talking of Mahim, his patient and both Gopal and Nalin had the smile for the first time since Mahim had been admitted almost a year ago.

Nalin looked at the pencil sketches of the anonymous girl; there were a few sketches with only her eyes. Gopal came running to Nalin's room and stood at the door looking at Nalin for permission to get in. Once Nalin nodded his head, Gopal as he was getting in said 'Sir... I found them under his pillow'. Nalin understood the rest; he rushed to Mahim's ward, and with a smile on his face enquired 'How are you Mahim'. There was no response as usual; Nalin just flashed the sketches in front of his eyes, Mahim become restless. This was the first time Nalin had noticed this, he again enquired 'Mahim who is this girl?'. Mahim was out of control and seemed to say some words which none understood.

She walked in with a well designed; but seemingly under-sized dress; she did not look over-weight either. Her fair skin complemented well to the dress color and fit along with the shades, Nalin observed as they both walked into Mahim's ward. Without any delay almost instantly, Mahim went violent as she is walked in and stood within his gaze. The ward boys around got hold of Mahim and was brought under control with some sedatives. As Nalin walked back to his room she, was there reading the days news paper; Nalin in a introducing note said 'Hello... I'm Dr. Nalin...'. She in response said 'Hi...' as she turned to him pulling those shades off. Nalin was very clear that those were the same eyes he saw in the sketch; he pulled the drawer to double check, yes! the same one, he confirmed. Nalin continued 'Thank you Ma'am for your visit and help. We can get Mahim back to normal; Were you both in love before?'.

Almost instantly, her response was 'No...! He is not even my friend'; the tone and expression matched to 'Adbhuta' rasa, one of the Nava Rasa. Nalin with his bit of classical dance knowledge seemed to have understood her response. She took leave and as she walked out of his room, Gopal came in. With a pale face and the left hand on the fore-head as though signaling that he had headache Nalin asked for a strong coffee. Geeta, Nalin's colleague was at his desk; as she tried to ease his headache, she said 'Love for anything; in your case profession, is like Lime juice salt n' sweet, the tastes of life... You seem to be in same condition as Mahim, he has tasted in soda... that landed him here'. As Gopal arrived, Geeta picked the coffee and with mild smile on her pretty looking face said 'One lime soda salt n' sweet...'

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Yogi ....

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.

 Many saints have come by and gone; few just are yogis. A yogi is indeed the person who has lived the life the way it has to be. Few did know what's like being yogi...

He woke-up early in the morning, not knowing much about the whereabouts as he opened his eyes, it was too early to dawn, and day break was far away. He realized that by seeing the darkness around; the sound of the crickets and other noisy insects made him feel a bit scared. He just hoped to get insight to what had happened. He wanted to check what time is it, the clock looked very distant and blurred; he rubbed his eyes to have clearer look which didn't help either. As the crickets take break to ease of their vocal chords; the clock sounded very clear, making him feel it is closure than it looked. He thought for a moment what happened the previous day.

He woke-up to the alarm; it was 5 am in the morning. He got off from the bed with ease and got ready to go the nearby man made pond to have a dip. As the dawn welcomed him at the onset of the day, making the new beginning. He dipped in full in the water thrice and then looked to be offering prayers to the world creator as he chanted song like words that probably meant. He sang for a while and then cleaned up with the tidy white cloth and proceeded with the yoga. Though he has learnt a few of those called aasana; he was profusely sweating after those rigorous looking stuff for other novices. Working out and with the time well spent with little familiar company; he eased to rest in peace with shavaasana. As he the body had gone through the real tormenting of the work out; he was trying to ease himself and think about his goddess.

His preparation was almost over when it struck 12 on the clock indicating that it was nearing lunch time. He read and scanned to those pages that almost looked as familiar words. He had read that book several times, as it inspired him to read that again and again. He got engrossed in the reading while the stomach had butterflies indicating lunch time. His usual veg lunch with virtually no spice and just the pinch of salt was self served. He made some kind of ritual before beginning to eat and while he ended. It was 3 p m and it was time to take rest after the meal, but he chose not to and got dressed up a bit too early for evening. His attire had changed and made him look good with the leather jacket hanging over the shoulder, just indicating that he was in Chennai.

His flight was ready and he boarded after half an hour drive, destination was Bangalore. Familiar faces around and more like back home; he kissed her as she picked him up at the arrival gate. She was gorgeous and with full hearted hug, the warmth took over. It was the beginning of one of the most romantic evening as they drove away from the airport towards the city, as it beckoned with the evening lights. Destination was a farm house pretty close to the out-skirts but on the other side of the city. He kissed her again in the car as the car reached 'yavvana', the luxury farm house Nalin owned. The cutest and the most beautiful girls were there as he just disappeared with drink in his hand. Soon Nalin offered a few packs of special cigars and the smoke with music filled up the air. They danced with drink and smoke as he just managed to see his watch that showed 12:30.

Yogi...Yogi... wake-up. Nalin kept calling, he opened his eyes again, day light passed through and blinded his eyes, and he no longer heard crickets and the insects sound. Yogi had his memory back of what had happened till 12:30 last night. His head hurt a bit as he picked up the glass and sipped the water like drink again. The girl who picked him up last evening was in different attire as she said 'Yogi ... you are too much... last night you know...'

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Life ... Just like that... its happening !!!

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.

Just like many of those magical words, this phrase has got me thinking and oozing in thoughts to write something. I wish I could understand these words before I write. As I write, I have been also thinking about another phrase from the popular number 'Its only words ...'.

Tharini has been a good student and Roopali is very impressed with her personal learning capabilities. Roopali though has been the mentor, she also happens to be Tharini 's mother. Roopali as a teacher wants to bestow the best of her knowledge to her student. Tharini being without father has very less to complain as Roopali takes care of that role as well.

Nalin has been working in the same office as Tharini , along with many of the other folks; Mahim too has been closely working with both of them. Though Tharini gets most of the personal learning from Roopali, she is running short of her professional training. Mahim has been assigned the task to get both Nalin and Tharini to their professional high in the company. As the time passes all three get close enough to work as group, they help each other out in completing the tasks.

Tharini is has been trying to get to the same level as Nalin, though both perform the same set of tasks with the same amount of ease. Tharini always feels that her performance is not best show-cased while Nalin gets all the praise. She tries her best to overcome this barrier of hers, while trying to get  more appreciation from her seniors. Mahim has been noticing the strive from Tharini to over-do and over-perform Nalin, while getting the praise from the team members. Mahim as senior tries to get her problem sorted out. As time passes, Tharini and Mahim get to the problem and fix it. Later does Mahim know that this has been a psychological problem of Tharini and isn't the actual one. She always felt that she and Nalin had to get the same grade, praise and benefits for whatever task they have done.

With the time spent as a team, Tharini is over-shadowed of her mother's teaching in the personal as well as professional life and tries to get the same from Mahim . While Mahim tries to provide her the best of the solutions to her personal problems as well. The more Mahim gives solutions the more problems both get into, while professionally this worked and not personally, Mahim is perplexed at the outcome. On the other hand Tharini also discusses her personal issues with Nalin and his solutions seem to work more effectively. Tharini now has better control; she stays away from Mahim and gets to him only for the professional cause. Now Mahim doesn't understand the chemistry behind the change in Tharini , he tries in vain to arrest the situation in his favor. Tharini once self proficient with her professional need, she is on her own. She also declines Mahim's company saying 'just like that!’ Mahim is in serious trouble thinking of the situation change that has occurred during the course of time.

Mahim 's friend Baghavathi comes to his rescue. Her thought is simple, Tharini is the way she is, never apply logic to her moves. Even Tharini for that matter doesn't know what and why she does things the way she does. At convenience Tharini mixes professional and personal lives with lot of ease. That is the way she has been brought up to fight her cause, not only her many others too. They cry for no reason and blame people at will. In engineering terms they are designed the way they are. Baghavathi says Mahim should also get going and clear of his mental blockade Just like that !!!. With those lines Baghavathi turns to Mahim, she has big smile and Mahim now gets his laugh back ... Just like that !!!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Borrowed line - 'We are friends'

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and is based on personal views expressed by the individuals to me. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now. The timing of the post is purely coincidental.

'We are friends' the borrowed line from my friend. I never understood the meaning of the phrase though, sometimes I felt my limited vocabulary had it read as idiom. I need to brush my English skills for better usage of the line.

I pretty much understood the word relation means, in mathematics and chemistry (when it works) it is usually represented by the LHS and RHS with either equal(=) sign or whatever is relevant. I'm not good at mathematics or Chemistry either. I have been trying to get the real meaning of the word relation and friend means.

My analogy of love and friendship still holds good, though I have not understood none of them. I happen to come across many people questioning what friends mean. As movies say love is when the inter-change of hearts happen; may be inter-change of joy and sorrow happens too. while that still means we can represent such thing with a mathematical representation.

The relation between two individuals becomes a reality only with proof. Say boy-girl relationship; the true meaning is when when they actually get married. Even the priest announces the 'man and wife' is only after the ring is in place. Mother for that matter will not accept any kid as her own unless there is proof that its her own blood; proof is must for the relation to happen. I have never come across such thing with friends. So its convenient to use the word friend for those relations where there is no proof. The real life incident is that my friend (if I can call so) says 'We are friends' when inquired about the girl he has been dating for years. They have been in love for almost years now without proof.

Proof for that matter is like the thread that hangs in the girl's neck which makes the world believes that it's legal to be physical. Although its quite true as well that a girl needs to get the proof once they have been physical, sort of security. I can go on writing on this for pages with nothing in it. There have been new inventions and disclosures to friendship as well; friendship bands. As funny as it sounds, it's the proof that two people are friends. Its the thread again that makes relation so called friendship a reality. There are several such threading that have made relations a reality even though the relation never exists.

Some more funnier relations as it sounds is, one community calls it 'Cousin-brother and Cousin-sister' while the same relation in another community means they can get married. In most of the cases threading makes it psychologically permissible to make people get physical or not. I'm still confused as I write; there is brother and sister relations by birth, and there is cousin relationship birth, well 'Cousin-brother and Cousin-sister' is new to me. I think with over 6 billion people in the world we end marrying our cousins some way or the other.

Recent discovery of the love pill has been the real proof of the equation. Now in Japan there are trials of the love pill where once pill taken the person has the willingness to make friends or fall in love. Well dosage depends on what relation one needs. As they say 'Maximum of friendship is love' and 'Minimum of love is friendship'. Now maths again; different colors and types of threading. On the lighter side ... may be different variant of thread and question where to tie... working threading model

Monday, August 16, 2010

Freedom to be....

Its long time since... I just thought of writing. Its Independence day for India today the 15th of August. Well freedom and Independence from what? I seldom understand these words.

What is that, we have been celebrating from years now? what does the word independence mean? I mostly got the answer today. As I read through my history books, it revealed, Freedom to live anywhere in the country. Freedom of Expression (I guess this includes in writing as well...) and Freedom to follow the religion whichever you want to.

My friend (If I can call so ...) asked me why I haven't written of my dogs so far in any of my blogs. I thought its time for one... I write ...

My dog Dolly passed away today. I have my fingers not typing right for the first time while I write this. Dolly has been the name that made resonance at my residence for the past 9 years. She is female dog obviously for me; though few chose to term her by different convenient terms they prefer. I can only thank for whatever she has taught me during this period.

My limited knowledge to understanding Freedom has been instrumental in seeking explanation for writer  Salman Rushdie, I guess he was almost crucified for what he wrote in his book 'Satanic Verses'. Another familiar name to one and all seems to be 'Taslima Nasreen', she has been enjoying country hopping ever since she wrote her book 'Lajja'. No to mention of the Netherlands cartoonist who is yet to figure out what really went wrong.

What is... the freedom of Expression? Is it talking what you believe in? or Is it writing another spiritual holy book you have already have faith in. I cannot still have the freedom to write that can be derived/extracted from others work. I can only smile at what this celebrations mean to you and me today.

Dolly has taken the freedom to show the love and affection to those within those four walls of the house. She used to be one wizard at my place where I at-least forget my most bad days. No matter what happened to you at office, how was your day; the moment you enter home she is there with full of enthusiasm and affection to just make you feel relieved of all the stress and pain. She was magical and she will always be one person in my life who taught me how to just live.

She has got freedom today !!! I hope her soul rest in peace. She has really taught me what the word freedom means. I cannot use words effectively for the first time... I write with freedom of Expression... Freedom to be...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Rainbow - color color which color do you choose ...

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.
I'm perplexed for the reasons I know; understanding one human by another human is serious stuff. It’s simple to convey in words and challenge for the readers. People! I guess you must have heard 'Vikram-Bethaal' stories of wit and wisdom. Let me tell you the story in a different way. King Vikram gets hold of the Bethaal and carries on his back as the story starts

Short story:
Bethaal asks King Vikram, now lets do the role reversal; You tell me a story and ask me a question. While if I answer correctly I go back otherwise I'm your slave. King Vikram is perplexed and had never expected this. But it’s the chance for him to trap the Bethaal. So after thinking for a while he starts his story.

There lived princess Diti, she was the only daughter and her King father had expired in a war. She was sent to nearby gurukul for knowledge. Since girls never went to gurukul, it was the first time, now guru had no option but to ask his wife Vishali teach her. Vishali had been seeing her husband teach all the male students of his, so she pretty much knew what to teach and how to teach. Diti was 18 years old and had beauty that would attract any of the male students out there. The age was right and place was right for Diti; she fell in love with one handsome student Rushyabaahu. Rushyabaahu had been a student in the same gurukul and now was perusing his knowledge quest under guru Mahim.

Rushyabaahu is also in love with Diti, but his quest was higher for the knowledge he had got partially. He continued to stay in the same ashram and learn more from guru Mahim. While Diti learnt her arts of warfare, cooking etc. whenever Vishali would tell her some important thing to remember Diti would immediately respond to her with a couple of questions. Now Vishali would answer the question and again Diti would come up with another set of questions. Vishali was under the conclusion that only those ask questions and get it clarified, understood the stuff. Diti was good in her studies and little did it affect her love for Rushyabaahu.

Diti was fond of her mother; she loved her mother and respected her more than anyone else. Ignoring Rushyabaahu, Diti's mother wanted to have a swayamwar for her daughter since she had acquired enough worldly knowledge now. Her only point was her would be son-in-law should realize all her daughter's dreams. Diti agreed to her mother's swayamwar as her dream was to reach moon. She thought; she could reach moon because her husband would take her there. She forgot about Rushyabaahu in the process. One of the persons in the same city was Ram; he heard Diti's wish to reach the moon. He tried to explain her about the moon; she wouldn't listen. So he said 'we need a huge chariot made of gold to go there', Diti was adamant and she asked him to get one. Ram was poor guy, he never had enough money to buy a chariot of gold as he tried in vain to get married to her.

Swayamwar began and all the people who came to impress Diti would go back after hearing to her wish to reach moon. Diti would laugh at them as they were not able to fulfill her wish. Ram then failing to impress Diti asked her why she wanted to reach moon. Diti didn't know why she wanted moon. She was confused but maintained her dignity saying I see a mermaid there. Ram shocked again asked, what if there is no mermaid there. Diti said I don't know if there is mermaid there, but this what I dream. She also told about RushyaBaahu, her love. She said RushyaBaahu doesn’t like Ram marrying her. She also said that Rushyabaahu was not capable of making her dream come true. Ram went wild with whatever he heard and he stayed that way. Swayamwar continued to happen again and went on.

Now King Vikram turns to Bethaal and asks, 'Tell me Bethaal. Whom should Diti marry?' Bethaal had heard the complete story, he said 'Diti is an imaginary girl like the butterfly in the Garden of Eden; not sure to go to which flower, her dreamland is hers'. Bethaal says, let me go back now and you catch me again and you almost caught me with the story, so lets not reverse the role again. What say!!! And flies back to the tree where he used to hang. Vikram goes chasing him.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just friends ...

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and is based on the novel by Chethan Bhagat - 'Two states'. I just have the gist of it.
My sincere apologies for those who find it gross or dirty. Please excuse me. The timing of the post is purely coincidental.

One writer who has caught my imagination for now is Chethan Bhagat. I couldn't read his earlier books though; 'Two states' is amazing. I like the way he uses those appropriate words at ease. I was attracted towards this book for reason to enjoy and spend my journey to far off place. After a friendly chat with the flute maestro 'Praveen Godhkindi', I had the first chapter at my disposal.

I was impressed with the story line where 2 strangers come across each other and how they get closer. It’s somehow destined that the most beautiful girl in the campus had to meet our protagonist of the novel. Then they do the combined study to solve some complicated problems and how they start knowing each other. The way he has explained that se already knows that he is a nice guy is amazing; I mean that’s why they go out together. Its bit complicated chemistry though to understand why all other guys don’t even get that precious 'nice guy' tag.

The chapter he explains about the ‘just friends’ concept is true to its words. The guy and the most beautiful girl in the campus are just friends, and the guys in the college talking that he is a caretaker brother is awesome. The frustration that makes him avoid her for days in the class too is melodramatic. The way he has explained about a guy and girl put in one hostel room and do combined study is really romantic. I got glued to the book so much that I forgot to have my breakfast. It’s so interesting to see two just friends getting into the personal lives of each other and ultimately the most exciting thing happens, they fall in love. Now the combined studies become more and more enjoyable as eventually, may be 2 weeks later; the important and best thing to happen between a guy and girl in love happens, I can't write all that I read :) they decide to get married.

The story goes on with the convocation happening and families meeting each other and comedy of errors that happen as they try to get into the wedlock. I had to alight now so I just stopped reading the story. I enjoyed it, nothing to conclude on 'just friends' concept and that was it. I never re-opened the book again. Lately few of my friends have been telling me on what to blog. My posts are usually boring as some felt and few felt I write junk. They read the whole post and understood nothing. They were seeking for the moral of my short stories that never existed. It has been a herculean task to explain each of them, that there is nothing to convey. Some have had their share of comments for me to improve my writing. Some have got into their own conclusions that I felt is good; after all it’s their own. They have been giving me names too :) I can select one of them as my pen name.

I have been influenced by one amazingly superb writer 'Kushwant Singh’; I have a lot of appreciation for him. One person who has imitated the same style of writing is our local author 'Ravi Belegere'. I can feel the same touch in Ravi Belegere's writings. Now all the local folks read Ravi than Kushwant; they don’t even know about Kushwant I guess. I liked 'Company of Women' and didn't find any moral in the story; I can draw a crude one though. My readers want me to be Chethan Bhagat, I never can write as good as him though. They want me to be popular writer like him. I tried my bit with the post 'The lady in the mirror'.

The maestro I met was one of them in his field; though there are so many flutists out there, none can be like him. Stuart McGill was not as famous as Shane Warne though they bowled similar. I know what it takes to be 'Chethan Bhagat', 'Kushwant Singh', ‘J.K.Rowling’ or 'Praveen Godhkindi'. I can try writing like Chethan; but for my readers will have nothing to read on junk.

Friday, March 12, 2010

See more ... hear more ... sky is not the limit

There are many things an individual doesn't know as such. He/she may find many ya things when with folks who think alike. There is friendship, companionship and all other relationships that make you realize things that are beyond ones own vision or sight.

For those who can understand to Kannada. More meaningful....

a short story:
There were 3 scholars under guru Mahim. Guru Mahim would treat them equally and teach them all stuff they need to understand this world around. Mahim was knowledgeable and was known as one of the most intellectuals around. He had trained his scholars in several languages and works of art. One such art was the magic. All 3 scholars Arjun, Chaitanya and Surya had their lessons learn't and very well versed with the art of magic; as Arjun and Chaitanya had great love for it. Surya was more interested in the arts of self defense, like archery and sword fighting. He less believed in the magical powers of what his master taught him.

Guru Mahim had a new lesson for his scholars that day. He wanted to teach them the special art of seeing things as it is. He made blind folded Arjun lie on the floor with face down(facing the floor) with face slightly lifted. Then he asked Arjun to open his eyes and tell him what does he see. Arjun replied he saw a huge block of wood on front of him. Now it was Chaitanya's turn, since Chaitanya was a close friend of Arjun, he told him what Mahin had taught. Now again Chaitanya was blind folded and with weight placed on the head was asked to be on hands and knees. He open his eyes and said, he saw a thick wooden post. Now it was Surya's turn, He didn't hear to anyone; was blind folded and asked to stand, when he opened his eyes, he said he saw a tree with fruits and flowers. Now Mahim explained all the 3 saw the same object at different levels, their visions were limited to their thinking and they concluded different things.

After the test Arjun and Chaitanya agreed to what guru explained, while Surya didn't agree. Arjun made him understand later with simple words. Now there was new joiny to the group, Rama was less learned than others and was trained in the same art of magic at different gurukul. He used magic for fun and would love think on ones happy being. All of them carried their big books which had all the information they learn't. Once they were going through a forest they spotted bones and skull looked to be that of either lion or tiger as they knew about lion and tiger very well. Arjun suddenly wanted to try the magic on the bones and get the animal to life. While Chaitanya his close friend agreed to it. Surya was reluctant to join them. Rama stayed away, he warned them the animal would eat them up, if they brought it to life through magic. Surya was convinced and he joined Rama as they climbed up the nearby tree. Arjun and Chaitanya with their magical powers and reading through the books brought the animal to life. As soon as the tiger came to life, it was hungry and attacked Arjun, while Chaitainya managed to escape. After the animal left satisfied, Rama and Surya got down from the tree and came back to gurukul, soon Chaitanya too landed. As Rama explained the episode to the guru, Mahim had a smile on his face. he said my teachings and tests have gone in-vain. All that you see, hear and read is not what they are.

Some feel they have learn't on their own. Some feel they have learn't with others. Some feel ignorance(silence, can be interpreted as one likes) is bliss. There is difference in what an ant can see and what a giraffe can see, there is enough brain in both to digest the vision and understand what it is. An old religious guru once said and wrote that god sits on top of the cloud and takes count of all the activities one does in his life time. People who heard and read him interpreted as cloud is like a soft cushion bed, where one sleep in luxury when they die. Guru had the limitation of his vision and brain. People had their limitation of hearing, reading and interpreting. Hope sky is not the limit; vision can reach more than that, see more ... hear more ...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The lady in the mirror .... short story

Nice would be those beautiful words a lady talks for the ones who admire her. They seem to make more meaning than what has to be understood. she is the most beautiful creation on this planet earth. she is the nature herself and she happens to be the lady in the mirror; while she checks herself to understand who is she?

Short story:
She woke up with the most beautiful smile on her face almost making Jay's most wonderful morning. He slept in slumber not realizing she was awake, as she tied her silky smooth hair into the most admirable looking knot. She prepared coffee and woke up Jay; he was shocked to check his watch and was running late by a mile. He grabbed the coffee mug and ran to the bathroom to freshen up. He searched for things at unfamiliar place and finally got ready to leave with a good bye kiss. She wanted more time of his, she had planned so that he would stay with her for the rest of the day.

She lazily got dressed up in distress and reached office at her usual timing. Pavan had a big smile seeing her, he said 'hi, good morning', she too responded with a acknowledging smile and said 'good morning Pavan'. Pavan was her senior and would help her in day to day work so that she is not stressed out. She would tell him all her routine things and get more comfort on his virtual shoulder. She had found that the job was more enjoyable when colleagues like Pavan would be there always, while her boss was shrewd though. She loved working.

It was evening 6 p.m when her phone rang, she realized it was Monty; picked up the call and was on agreement nodding her head with a smile. She left soon after saying bye to all her team members, as Monty waited on the bike to pick her up to the surrounding malls in the area. They reached pub Oslo pretty soon, barged into the loud music playing. She rarely drinks but for breezers, while Monty was in tune with his Tequila as the dance floor lit up. She danced with him till she was dead tired and had no energy left. He dropped back home and kissed him good bye.

Maid was in and was preparing the dinner, as she got fresh and watched TV with the regular regional language channels flipping until she found right one. Her mobile rang as she sipped coffee; Aamir had called up at the usual time. It was 9 and the dinner was getting ready, usually they spoke for 45 mins to one hour everyday. She was in all naughty giggles as her maid was furious looking at her happily talking to Aamir. Then she later moved to bedroom and locked up for 30 odd minutes; came out for dinner with a smile as ever. Aamir is usually good in cracking jokes that makes her laugh to the core.

While the dinner was almost ready Sachin her hubby was home and as usual threw himself over the sofa while holding his expensive glasses in his left hand. He had a day long meeting with the management and loads of work at home to complete as well. He mentally prepared the plan for the rest of the evening on his pending tasks. Maid offered him coffee, while she watched the favorite show on TV. He soon was in his night dress and they sat for dinner, she served him the specialty of the day and it tasted the same for him. She asked him 'how is the curry?' as he managed to blurt out 'great'. They began their talks about the office and the day overall. It was Saturday next morning so she had no office plans while, Sachin had to work from home. she doused off to sleep, Sachin joined her an hour later.

Saturdays are special for her, its the day when she visits family friends Raj and his wife Deepa. Deepa and Raj make pretty good couple though, she has soft corner for him. They do share the emotional bondage that Deepa doesn't even seem to know about. While Deepa prepared the lunch for all the three, Raj would spend time with her of the week long activity that has gone by. Raj would sometime stare into her eyes and convey more than what they spoke. She would respond with the same intensity as both get lost in a different world.

Panchhami was suddenly taken aback; the door bell rang, she was taken a bit by surprise as she was completely lost in reading. She closed the novel that she was reading all the way now. As flipped it over to book mark the page, the title read 'The lady in the mirror'. She opened the door, Jay was in all smiles as he hugged her happily. He took the sofa as the late evening movie was playing on TV; it was Mel Gibson starrer - 'what women want'. She for the second time saw the title of the book, she read 'the lady in the mirror' as she rushed to the bathroom to have a face lift for the already pretty face. She gazed at the mirror for a moment and said 'the lady in the mirror, who is she?' Panchhami had the most cutest smile ever.

Its Woman's day nearing, let the lady in the mirror come to life. she is the most beautiful creation. Panchhami is in all smiles !!! cutest ever !!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Return to Innocence ... short story

Return to innocence ... this is the famous number by Enigma. No please don't get bugged by Enigma. In this post I just picked up the line because it suits well. If you haven't heard it just try hearing once and watch the video too. At last I write the post started few months back. Its time now, back to those innocent and naive lines.

Short story:
Smina is very brilliant lady, she has through her hard work has earned the name for herself. Smina as a kid used to be very studious and lead the class always and every year. She has been the core of the class and there no teacher who wouldn't like her when she was in school.

Off late after her marriage with Jay she has been overwhelmed with all the wealth. Jay is very good husband and father; he takes care of her and their lone child Mike. Jay is at his best and bought a new house even when the world reeled in the recession. All thanks to Smina, she is good at calculations, learn't all through her educational career.

Mike is 6 years old and not so brilliant as Smina when she was 6 years kid. Mike is innovative in his studies; he finds always new things to do. he often amazes Smina by his craft work and drawings. He is imaginative and hence captures low marks in his tests. His imagination has no bounds, his crafts speak for its self, he has a rolling zebra pen stand, and well my words are limited to explain his creation. He is made several sketches and drawings that Smina has on display in her cube, making herself proud mother.

Mike is good at asking questions, he often asks very simple and trivial questions, Smina sometimes has to try and explain it very naive words, to make him understand. His recent question was where are we? Meaning where are we currently staying? Smina as usual explained very easily, by saying the address. Mike got more curious, his next question was 'what is this flat number and street address?’ Now Smina had task in her hand, she said that’s the house number and street name. He went on... so what next? Smina explained next is locality, then the area, then the town and city.

Mike was in smiling now. That’s it right? He asked her again in confirmation. Smina replied no there is much more; we state next, then Country, then continent, then world and the universe. Mike was totally confused; he had wrinkles on the forehead indicating the confusion. His last strained question was 'why mama  !!! why so many things?’ Smina couldn't control her big smile as she hugged him.

The next morning Smina was at work as usual and Gurran, her colleague had a casual chat with her. Smina explained the whole episode of her son’s chain of questions and burst into laughter. Then she continued to tell him about the event at locality in which she stays, pointing out 'You know the majority community people right, the parents don't allow their kids to mingle and play with Mike', meaning she belonged to the minority. Gurran had big smile on his face, and uttered, 'parents are parents'. Smina too smiled though she understood nothing.

'Panchhi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke...' heard this famous number from film 'Refugee' right? Javed Aktar wrote the lyrics, evergreen song we enjoy every word of it. The gist is why birds, rivers and breeze don't have any borders, and no boundaries stopping them. Borders are for and only humans, and what did we achieve by being humans. We continue enjoy the borders and differences and make songs like these, good to hear.

Enigma's return to innocence is one such song, shown in the reverse fashion, depicting the return from adulthood to childhood. Till he grows-up Mike continues to think !!! Gurran continues to smile !!! Smina and rest of the adult world continue to listen and sing 'Panchi nadiya pavan ke jhonke...' and 'Return to innocence'

Monday, February 8, 2010

YES Experience love now !!!

YES Experience love now !!!, well I have been thinking ages now, just about the title that matches my post. It really didn't take much time to arrive at this post. Our expert bloggers have already given so much of info that I have hardly anything to write but title.

Love is such a powerful word, it stands on its own. There are several posts already written on 'Right time to say 'I love you'' and 'Need to say "I love you" ...'. Ravi, my friend has done true justice to the post, he keeps all of us guessing on these words around love, when? need? so on. People already have found answers to those lines, on whether to say I love you or not. Some feel 'It's just not even required to tell I love you, being there and both knowing, and love for one another is important'. Truly its amazing to read the answer that communication is between two hearts rather than individuals.

I happen to recollect my good old post 'find your own ... be it god : short story' which few people liked though. My friend Sunil Koshy is good at words, more of heart than mind, saying 'she is my goddess', meaning the person he loves is worth the worship. I did recollect recent post from Renuka, saying Aryan sees Ganesha in all the idols he sees and he is very fond of him, millions do love Ganesha. One such thing to recollect again is a movie scene in which Upendra worships the girl whom he loves, some folks laugh at him asking 'is she dead? we only do pooja those who are dead'. His point is crisp and clear ' we worship god, and do pooja with the photograph of the divine, does that mean god is dead ?'.

Now another line that just doesn't get off me is 'to a friend's place the journey(actually distance) is never long', truly to the words that match another recent sms forward 'maximum friendship is love, minimum love is friendship'. I'm bad at words to explain on any of these lines 'Words ...'. Like the song 'its only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away'. Sometimes silence speaks more than words, and many people do say 'I'm overwhelmed and I can't find words to express'. There exist several thousands of languages, but still many find no words to express, or they don't know those words. But everyone understands the phrase 'I'm overwhelmed and I can't find words to express' by their own experience.

There is this experience... something special, I can try to explain. A guy sees a girl that his eyes just don't move after that, he speaks to her and the result is an amazing experience ... he is in love. I recollected this one from Oscar wilde's story 'The Nightingale and the Rose' where in love, brain stops working, all the messages sent are interpreted by the heart and brain stays idle. Now that’s the normal state to reach, it’s not the fault of the people who fall in love. Its more like lab practical once experiment is done, one understands better, now get ready to experience new ‘avatar’... planet Pandora  .... just experience love !!!