Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Yogi ....

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.

 Many saints have come by and gone; few just are yogis. A yogi is indeed the person who has lived the life the way it has to be. Few did know what's like being yogi...

He woke-up early in the morning, not knowing much about the whereabouts as he opened his eyes, it was too early to dawn, and day break was far away. He realized that by seeing the darkness around; the sound of the crickets and other noisy insects made him feel a bit scared. He just hoped to get insight to what had happened. He wanted to check what time is it, the clock looked very distant and blurred; he rubbed his eyes to have clearer look which didn't help either. As the crickets take break to ease of their vocal chords; the clock sounded very clear, making him feel it is closure than it looked. He thought for a moment what happened the previous day.

He woke-up to the alarm; it was 5 am in the morning. He got off from the bed with ease and got ready to go the nearby man made pond to have a dip. As the dawn welcomed him at the onset of the day, making the new beginning. He dipped in full in the water thrice and then looked to be offering prayers to the world creator as he chanted song like words that probably meant. He sang for a while and then cleaned up with the tidy white cloth and proceeded with the yoga. Though he has learnt a few of those called aasana; he was profusely sweating after those rigorous looking stuff for other novices. Working out and with the time well spent with little familiar company; he eased to rest in peace with shavaasana. As he the body had gone through the real tormenting of the work out; he was trying to ease himself and think about his goddess.

His preparation was almost over when it struck 12 on the clock indicating that it was nearing lunch time. He read and scanned to those pages that almost looked as familiar words. He had read that book several times, as it inspired him to read that again and again. He got engrossed in the reading while the stomach had butterflies indicating lunch time. His usual veg lunch with virtually no spice and just the pinch of salt was self served. He made some kind of ritual before beginning to eat and while he ended. It was 3 p m and it was time to take rest after the meal, but he chose not to and got dressed up a bit too early for evening. His attire had changed and made him look good with the leather jacket hanging over the shoulder, just indicating that he was in Chennai.

His flight was ready and he boarded after half an hour drive, destination was Bangalore. Familiar faces around and more like back home; he kissed her as she picked him up at the arrival gate. She was gorgeous and with full hearted hug, the warmth took over. It was the beginning of one of the most romantic evening as they drove away from the airport towards the city, as it beckoned with the evening lights. Destination was a farm house pretty close to the out-skirts but on the other side of the city. He kissed her again in the car as the car reached 'yavvana', the luxury farm house Nalin owned. The cutest and the most beautiful girls were there as he just disappeared with drink in his hand. Soon Nalin offered a few packs of special cigars and the smoke with music filled up the air. They danced with drink and smoke as he just managed to see his watch that showed 12:30.

Yogi...Yogi... wake-up. Nalin kept calling, he opened his eyes again, day light passed through and blinded his eyes, and he no longer heard crickets and the insects sound. Yogi had his memory back of what had happened till 12:30 last night. His head hurt a bit as he picked up the glass and sipped the water like drink again. The girl who picked him up last evening was in different attire as she said 'Yogi ... you are too much... last night you know...'

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  1. Yogi was in Yoganidre when the crickets woke him up...Nice one dude..waiting for such stuffs.