Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just friends ...

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and is based on the novel by Chethan Bhagat - 'Two states'. I just have the gist of it.
My sincere apologies for those who find it gross or dirty. Please excuse me. The timing of the post is purely coincidental.

One writer who has caught my imagination for now is Chethan Bhagat. I couldn't read his earlier books though; 'Two states' is amazing. I like the way he uses those appropriate words at ease. I was attracted towards this book for reason to enjoy and spend my journey to far off place. After a friendly chat with the flute maestro 'Praveen Godhkindi', I had the first chapter at my disposal.

I was impressed with the story line where 2 strangers come across each other and how they get closer. It’s somehow destined that the most beautiful girl in the campus had to meet our protagonist of the novel. Then they do the combined study to solve some complicated problems and how they start knowing each other. The way he has explained that se already knows that he is a nice guy is amazing; I mean that’s why they go out together. Its bit complicated chemistry though to understand why all other guys don’t even get that precious 'nice guy' tag.

The chapter he explains about the ‘just friends’ concept is true to its words. The guy and the most beautiful girl in the campus are just friends, and the guys in the college talking that he is a caretaker brother is awesome. The frustration that makes him avoid her for days in the class too is melodramatic. The way he has explained about a guy and girl put in one hostel room and do combined study is really romantic. I got glued to the book so much that I forgot to have my breakfast. It’s so interesting to see two just friends getting into the personal lives of each other and ultimately the most exciting thing happens, they fall in love. Now the combined studies become more and more enjoyable as eventually, may be 2 weeks later; the important and best thing to happen between a guy and girl in love happens, I can't write all that I read :) they decide to get married.

The story goes on with the convocation happening and families meeting each other and comedy of errors that happen as they try to get into the wedlock. I had to alight now so I just stopped reading the story. I enjoyed it, nothing to conclude on 'just friends' concept and that was it. I never re-opened the book again. Lately few of my friends have been telling me on what to blog. My posts are usually boring as some felt and few felt I write junk. They read the whole post and understood nothing. They were seeking for the moral of my short stories that never existed. It has been a herculean task to explain each of them, that there is nothing to convey. Some have had their share of comments for me to improve my writing. Some have got into their own conclusions that I felt is good; after all it’s their own. They have been giving me names too :) I can select one of them as my pen name.

I have been influenced by one amazingly superb writer 'Kushwant Singh’; I have a lot of appreciation for him. One person who has imitated the same style of writing is our local author 'Ravi Belegere'. I can feel the same touch in Ravi Belegere's writings. Now all the local folks read Ravi than Kushwant; they don’t even know about Kushwant I guess. I liked 'Company of Women' and didn't find any moral in the story; I can draw a crude one though. My readers want me to be Chethan Bhagat, I never can write as good as him though. They want me to be popular writer like him. I tried my bit with the post 'The lady in the mirror'.

The maestro I met was one of them in his field; though there are so many flutists out there, none can be like him. Stuart McGill was not as famous as Shane Warne though they bowled similar. I know what it takes to be 'Chethan Bhagat', 'Kushwant Singh', ‘J.K.Rowling’ or 'Praveen Godhkindi'. I can try writing like Chethan; but for my readers will have nothing to read on junk.

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  1. The most important thing, according to me, is to be urself :)

    You definitely have ur distinct style that ur readers can identify :) So, who's bothered abt Chetan Bhagat...?

    Friends, guys, gals :) Hmm...Interesting discussion....:D