Sunday, July 12, 2009

Child in us...

Have you ever thought of this line "Child in us...". Many would have I guess, Yes I feel; there is a child in everyone of us. Now this also one of my favorite numbers from Enigma... its meaningful, melodious and pure music.

I have been recently, thinking about the very same line. What is that a child has which we lack? The answer for many of us may be as simple as "innocence". It's more than that, I feel because a child has no ability to think. I mean when we are given a problem to solve or situation to deal with, we go back and think. We recollect whatever we have learned and try to apply them in our thinking, so the outcome of our thinking is dependent on what is stored in ones memory or mind. A child is very special, it doesn't think and do things. Not matter what happens it goes on doing things it's own way such as breaking things, getting dirty or even breaking law.

What happens when a person has no child in him/her? The condition may be termed as most frequently used word, "materialistic". Most often people think of money, fame, property etc. As a child one may have not thought of such a thing. Recent quote I have been conveying to my friends is "Re-invent your own wheel". No... this is contrary to what is more familiar one "Don't re-invent the wheel". A child would have re-invented its own wheel by going through the process of finding out things on its own. As simple as; a child would touch flame and realize it burns ones skin.

The perfect fusion of Indian classical shloka (Sanskrit) with Enigma's unique music is what it takes to get the child in us awake. It's seems the words melt along with the music to give the best feeling of child rise in ones heart. I have been a fan of this song since I heard it a few years ago. I have been in-vainly trying my best to find songs of the same caliber. This is the best fusion song I ever heard; being a fan of Enigma. The words make more than add to the quest of finding child in us. "And I knew you were the one" is so meaningful as it says one knows the child in ones self.

Little did I think before I wrote these lines above, as I write I feel the emotion overcome me. As I write, my mom is recovering from the painful viral fever; As I write, I feel the tender hands of my niece, and she those mesmerizing innocent less-understood words. I found that I can break my cocoon and get into the next phase of life with wings. Now "I believe I can fly ... I believe I can touch the sky ..." hope, let the one and only child in us come to life... for now and forever.