Sunday, June 28, 2009

Silence must be heard ...

Silence must be heard ... sounds familiar ? yes, may be for those who listen to Enigma. I have been a fan of Enigma since I heard some familiar numbers like "return to innocence", "principles of lust", "child in us" etc. there are so many to pen.

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I heard this song long ago, but it continues to be heard in my ears as a song of silence. I and a few friends of mine have been going through a series of complicated thought process very recently. I have had some motive behind this thought all through these couple of months during my silence on the blog. I have spoken to them in getting my conflicts resolved. They have been enormously helping me to get me going. I'm really thankful to the world of friendship, its been supportive to me to continue and go on.

Recently one of my less spoken friend came online and told me continue posting. I could barely answer for the moment saying 'I have nothing to convey, nothing to tell'. One may be able to recall my first post on my blog, I said the same thing. Time and again I hit the same block and go silent. So far my postings have been not so interesting to people out there, people around me who have been reading and have posted comments, please pardon me.

I tried my best to write something on my own, these days when I have been going through a process; I myself call 'metamorphosis', thought may be I'm just trying to get out of the cocoon. Interesting isn't it ? Yes, I have just come out of the cocoon stage now, 3 years may have been a slightly longer time at that stage. Thus my postings through that phase of change was nothing but junk for those emotional people out there. It lacked emotions, sorry! I couldn't have shown that in my writing, when I didn't have it in me.

I have heard this song from Enigma. "Silence must be heard ..." its mere words to just look, but for me this has been my way of life so far. I have conveyed a lot of things to people around during the last 2 months of my metamorphosis. It really means that dear ones to me have been able to hear my silence and get me out of the cocoon. There are few people whom I can pen at the moment Koshy, Ravi, Nagraj, Jairam, Prasad, Renuka, Anitha... and the list goes on. I just wonder now in silence and say "Silence must be heard..."

Now ... I break my silence ...