Monday, April 5, 2010

Rainbow - color color which color do you choose ...

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.
I'm perplexed for the reasons I know; understanding one human by another human is serious stuff. It’s simple to convey in words and challenge for the readers. People! I guess you must have heard 'Vikram-Bethaal' stories of wit and wisdom. Let me tell you the story in a different way. King Vikram gets hold of the Bethaal and carries on his back as the story starts

Short story:
Bethaal asks King Vikram, now lets do the role reversal; You tell me a story and ask me a question. While if I answer correctly I go back otherwise I'm your slave. King Vikram is perplexed and had never expected this. But it’s the chance for him to trap the Bethaal. So after thinking for a while he starts his story.

There lived princess Diti, she was the only daughter and her King father had expired in a war. She was sent to nearby gurukul for knowledge. Since girls never went to gurukul, it was the first time, now guru had no option but to ask his wife Vishali teach her. Vishali had been seeing her husband teach all the male students of his, so she pretty much knew what to teach and how to teach. Diti was 18 years old and had beauty that would attract any of the male students out there. The age was right and place was right for Diti; she fell in love with one handsome student Rushyabaahu. Rushyabaahu had been a student in the same gurukul and now was perusing his knowledge quest under guru Mahim.

Rushyabaahu is also in love with Diti, but his quest was higher for the knowledge he had got partially. He continued to stay in the same ashram and learn more from guru Mahim. While Diti learnt her arts of warfare, cooking etc. whenever Vishali would tell her some important thing to remember Diti would immediately respond to her with a couple of questions. Now Vishali would answer the question and again Diti would come up with another set of questions. Vishali was under the conclusion that only those ask questions and get it clarified, understood the stuff. Diti was good in her studies and little did it affect her love for Rushyabaahu.

Diti was fond of her mother; she loved her mother and respected her more than anyone else. Ignoring Rushyabaahu, Diti's mother wanted to have a swayamwar for her daughter since she had acquired enough worldly knowledge now. Her only point was her would be son-in-law should realize all her daughter's dreams. Diti agreed to her mother's swayamwar as her dream was to reach moon. She thought; she could reach moon because her husband would take her there. She forgot about Rushyabaahu in the process. One of the persons in the same city was Ram; he heard Diti's wish to reach the moon. He tried to explain her about the moon; she wouldn't listen. So he said 'we need a huge chariot made of gold to go there', Diti was adamant and she asked him to get one. Ram was poor guy, he never had enough money to buy a chariot of gold as he tried in vain to get married to her.

Swayamwar began and all the people who came to impress Diti would go back after hearing to her wish to reach moon. Diti would laugh at them as they were not able to fulfill her wish. Ram then failing to impress Diti asked her why she wanted to reach moon. Diti didn't know why she wanted moon. She was confused but maintained her dignity saying I see a mermaid there. Ram shocked again asked, what if there is no mermaid there. Diti said I don't know if there is mermaid there, but this what I dream. She also told about RushyaBaahu, her love. She said RushyaBaahu doesn’t like Ram marrying her. She also said that Rushyabaahu was not capable of making her dream come true. Ram went wild with whatever he heard and he stayed that way. Swayamwar continued to happen again and went on.

Now King Vikram turns to Bethaal and asks, 'Tell me Bethaal. Whom should Diti marry?' Bethaal had heard the complete story, he said 'Diti is an imaginary girl like the butterfly in the Garden of Eden; not sure to go to which flower, her dreamland is hers'. Bethaal says, let me go back now and you catch me again and you almost caught me with the story, so lets not reverse the role again. What say!!! And flies back to the tree where he used to hang. Vikram goes chasing him.