Saturday, October 31, 2009

A friend for life ...

There is a song i always remember; i wondered the lines ... "Life will never be the same; Life is changing...", I love these lines. Its indeed changing and every second of it. One thing that has changed too is the social life with friends, Koshy has changed and he rocks with change year over year.

One such birthday I wrote these few naive lines; at the time when the world slept and i woke-up at dawn to just gift him on his just another; born suit day. i share these few lines as the first poem on my blog. This is the friend i've seen ...

Knight of the dark;
Ever smiling lest reveal nothing from the past,
Old Monk visionary;
always on the rocks, seldom seen in the drought;
Sings from the heart;
shy aves muse, chords cross our lives path;
Here comes Comrades day;
thou with we smile, rest all stay at bay;
Yes, world continues to gasp in joy,
its only after your born suit day.

hope you folks like my novice work for now ... hope to post a few more of them.