Thursday, May 7, 2009

find your own ... be it god : short story

One has to go through the process of invention/re-invention to actually find out things, may be we call it an experience.God too is an experience, many have felt the presence of god or supreme power various ways may be statues, idols, or any invisible force or so.

Short story:

Across the river and nearby village Bekuppe lived Anjanappa. He was washer man(dhobi) by profession and earned his living by washing cloths of the people of Bekuppe. People of the village were very wise and worshiped a variety of idols in the shrines all over Bekuppe.Each believed in the in their own, nobody even thought of questioning each others beliefs as a rule.

Anjanappa was alone and lone companion was his donkey, which he used as means of transport.He loved his donkey so much; as it was the only companion for him. He would share his thoughts of sorrow with the donkey and get relief from his worries even though, donkey understood nothing. He would wake up every morning and take care of the donkey as his own soul mate and the donkey did its duty as ordered by his master. People in the village would be amazed and also laugh at this special bondage.

One day the donkey fell ill, there were no doctors around the village and the donkey died. Anjanappa wouldn't believe that his lone support had gone, he was mentally affected as his donkey passed away. With heavy heart he buried the donkey and sat by the grave weeping. He later left the village as he had no one to be with. A passerby noticed this and thought the grave to be a place of worship and offered his prayers. The next day he hit upon a jackpot, he thought it was the blessings of the grave god that bestowed him with these riches. He built a small temple around it and started offering daily prayers to it. People of Bekuppe soon heard about the grave god and started worshiping it. People flocked in from all nearby villages to offer prayers to grave god.

After 10 months Anjanappa returned back to village and found a huge shrine built all over his donkey's grave. He was shocked to see the huge crowd pouring in to see the grave god. He stood there for moment and then decided to carry on with his profession as before.

Anjanappa and people of Bekuppe had found their own god, if Anjanappa can find his own god in a donkey, why can't we find the same in people around us, but find them in structures around us.