Monday, September 6, 2010

Borrowed line - 'We are friends'

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and is based on personal views expressed by the individuals to me. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now. The timing of the post is purely coincidental.

'We are friends' the borrowed line from my friend. I never understood the meaning of the phrase though, sometimes I felt my limited vocabulary had it read as idiom. I need to brush my English skills for better usage of the line.

I pretty much understood the word relation means, in mathematics and chemistry (when it works) it is usually represented by the LHS and RHS with either equal(=) sign or whatever is relevant. I'm not good at mathematics or Chemistry either. I have been trying to get the real meaning of the word relation and friend means.

My analogy of love and friendship still holds good, though I have not understood none of them. I happen to come across many people questioning what friends mean. As movies say love is when the inter-change of hearts happen; may be inter-change of joy and sorrow happens too. while that still means we can represent such thing with a mathematical representation.

The relation between two individuals becomes a reality only with proof. Say boy-girl relationship; the true meaning is when when they actually get married. Even the priest announces the 'man and wife' is only after the ring is in place. Mother for that matter will not accept any kid as her own unless there is proof that its her own blood; proof is must for the relation to happen. I have never come across such thing with friends. So its convenient to use the word friend for those relations where there is no proof. The real life incident is that my friend (if I can call so) says 'We are friends' when inquired about the girl he has been dating for years. They have been in love for almost years now without proof.

Proof for that matter is like the thread that hangs in the girl's neck which makes the world believes that it's legal to be physical. Although its quite true as well that a girl needs to get the proof once they have been physical, sort of security. I can go on writing on this for pages with nothing in it. There have been new inventions and disclosures to friendship as well; friendship bands. As funny as it sounds, it's the proof that two people are friends. Its the thread again that makes relation so called friendship a reality. There are several such threading that have made relations a reality even though the relation never exists.

Some more funnier relations as it sounds is, one community calls it 'Cousin-brother and Cousin-sister' while the same relation in another community means they can get married. In most of the cases threading makes it psychologically permissible to make people get physical or not. I'm still confused as I write; there is brother and sister relations by birth, and there is cousin relationship birth, well 'Cousin-brother and Cousin-sister' is new to me. I think with over 6 billion people in the world we end marrying our cousins some way or the other.

Recent discovery of the love pill has been the real proof of the equation. Now in Japan there are trials of the love pill where once pill taken the person has the willingness to make friends or fall in love. Well dosage depends on what relation one needs. As they say 'Maximum of friendship is love' and 'Minimum of love is friendship'. Now maths again; different colors and types of threading. On the lighter side ... may be different variant of thread and question where to tie... working threading model