Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lime Soda Salt n' Sweet

Disclaimer - this work is purely fictional and any resemblance to people living or dead is purely coincidental. Those who find the post gross or dirty, please discontinue reading this now.

When you order 'lime soda salt n' sweet' one realizes the tastes of life... seldom does one go through all of these; actually life is well lived in love and harmony with 'line juice salt and sweet'... read on....

Nalin broke his silence and showed the frustration out blurting his mind out; as his so-called close professional friends remarked him on his unsuccessful cure. Mahim has been silent for days and months now; Nalin being his personal doctor has no clue of what’s cooking in. Nalin has had the best of his studies tried out; being well known psychiatrist all around the region and in neighboring states; he is still yet to get insight into what Mahim is up to. Mahim has joined as fresh and challenging case to Nalin's quest to glory as the best doctor in his field; he has studied and now practicing for years.

Gopal the ward boy rushed to Nalin's cabin; without realizing that Nalin was in meeting with so-called international psychiatrists. Annoyed Nalin had a better-showcased look on his face; he just in driving out tone asked 'what is it Gopal? Can’t it wait?’. Gopal in response just said ' Sir ... sorry... its him.. Mahim!'. Nalin seemed to have understood; he broke his angry looking face with mild smile and said 'will be there!’. As Gopal left the cabin; Nalin was talking of Mahim, his patient and both Gopal and Nalin had the smile for the first time since Mahim had been admitted almost a year ago.

Nalin looked at the pencil sketches of the anonymous girl; there were a few sketches with only her eyes. Gopal came running to Nalin's room and stood at the door looking at Nalin for permission to get in. Once Nalin nodded his head, Gopal as he was getting in said 'Sir... I found them under his pillow'. Nalin understood the rest; he rushed to Mahim's ward, and with a smile on his face enquired 'How are you Mahim'. There was no response as usual; Nalin just flashed the sketches in front of his eyes, Mahim become restless. This was the first time Nalin had noticed this, he again enquired 'Mahim who is this girl?'. Mahim was out of control and seemed to say some words which none understood.

She walked in with a well designed; but seemingly under-sized dress; she did not look over-weight either. Her fair skin complemented well to the dress color and fit along with the shades, Nalin observed as they both walked into Mahim's ward. Without any delay almost instantly, Mahim went violent as she is walked in and stood within his gaze. The ward boys around got hold of Mahim and was brought under control with some sedatives. As Nalin walked back to his room she, was there reading the days news paper; Nalin in a introducing note said 'Hello... I'm Dr. Nalin...'. She in response said 'Hi...' as she turned to him pulling those shades off. Nalin was very clear that those were the same eyes he saw in the sketch; he pulled the drawer to double check, yes! the same one, he confirmed. Nalin continued 'Thank you Ma'am for your visit and help. We can get Mahim back to normal; Were you both in love before?'.

Almost instantly, her response was 'No...! He is not even my friend'; the tone and expression matched to 'Adbhuta' rasa, one of the Nava Rasa. Nalin with his bit of classical dance knowledge seemed to have understood her response. She took leave and as she walked out of his room, Gopal came in. With a pale face and the left hand on the fore-head as though signaling that he had headache Nalin asked for a strong coffee. Geeta, Nalin's colleague was at his desk; as she tried to ease his headache, she said 'Love for anything; in your case profession, is like Lime juice salt n' sweet, the tastes of life... You seem to be in same condition as Mahim, he has tasted in soda... that landed him here'. As Gopal arrived, Geeta picked the coffee and with mild smile on her pretty looking face said 'One lime soda salt n' sweet...'

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