Monday, August 16, 2010

Freedom to be....

Its long time since... I just thought of writing. Its Independence day for India today the 15th of August. Well freedom and Independence from what? I seldom understand these words.

What is that, we have been celebrating from years now? what does the word independence mean? I mostly got the answer today. As I read through my history books, it revealed, Freedom to live anywhere in the country. Freedom of Expression (I guess this includes in writing as well...) and Freedom to follow the religion whichever you want to.

My friend (If I can call so ...) asked me why I haven't written of my dogs so far in any of my blogs. I thought its time for one... I write ...

My dog Dolly passed away today. I have my fingers not typing right for the first time while I write this. Dolly has been the name that made resonance at my residence for the past 9 years. She is female dog obviously for me; though few chose to term her by different convenient terms they prefer. I can only thank for whatever she has taught me during this period.

My limited knowledge to understanding Freedom has been instrumental in seeking explanation for writer  Salman Rushdie, I guess he was almost crucified for what he wrote in his book 'Satanic Verses'. Another familiar name to one and all seems to be 'Taslima Nasreen', she has been enjoying country hopping ever since she wrote her book 'Lajja'. No to mention of the Netherlands cartoonist who is yet to figure out what really went wrong.

What is... the freedom of Expression? Is it talking what you believe in? or Is it writing another spiritual holy book you have already have faith in. I cannot still have the freedom to write that can be derived/extracted from others work. I can only smile at what this celebrations mean to you and me today.

Dolly has taken the freedom to show the love and affection to those within those four walls of the house. She used to be one wizard at my place where I at-least forget my most bad days. No matter what happened to you at office, how was your day; the moment you enter home she is there with full of enthusiasm and affection to just make you feel relieved of all the stress and pain. She was magical and she will always be one person in my life who taught me how to just live.

She has got freedom today !!! I hope her soul rest in peace. She has really taught me what the word freedom means. I cannot use words effectively for the first time... I write with freedom of Expression... Freedom to be...


  1. Raghu...Dolly will continue to live in our hearts forever. This is a truly touching post. Hope we can spread love unconditionally, around as, just as she taught as to!

  2. Sorry to know about your pet...but I shall pray that all the joy that she has given you only make your life more happy and you get to experience freedom in your own way.

  3. Hey Raghu, Sorry for dolly... I can still see remember her wagging her tail and sitting next to me in sofa.

    All that we can learn is to live life as she had lived,live life as if there is no tomorrow. She laughed & made others laughed until her last breadth without knowing her death is near.

    Truly a life well lived.

  4. Koshy, Archana, Ravi. thanks for all your comments.
    My sincere apologies for all those mistakes in this post, and my bad English.