Thursday, February 25, 2010

Return to Innocence ... short story

Return to innocence ... this is the famous number by Enigma. No please don't get bugged by Enigma. In this post I just picked up the line because it suits well. If you haven't heard it just try hearing once and watch the video too. At last I write the post started few months back. Its time now, back to those innocent and naive lines.

Short story:
Smina is very brilliant lady, she has through her hard work has earned the name for herself. Smina as a kid used to be very studious and lead the class always and every year. She has been the core of the class and there no teacher who wouldn't like her when she was in school.

Off late after her marriage with Jay she has been overwhelmed with all the wealth. Jay is very good husband and father; he takes care of her and their lone child Mike. Jay is at his best and bought a new house even when the world reeled in the recession. All thanks to Smina, she is good at calculations, learn't all through her educational career.

Mike is 6 years old and not so brilliant as Smina when she was 6 years kid. Mike is innovative in his studies; he finds always new things to do. he often amazes Smina by his craft work and drawings. He is imaginative and hence captures low marks in his tests. His imagination has no bounds, his crafts speak for its self, he has a rolling zebra pen stand, and well my words are limited to explain his creation. He is made several sketches and drawings that Smina has on display in her cube, making herself proud mother.

Mike is good at asking questions, he often asks very simple and trivial questions, Smina sometimes has to try and explain it very naive words, to make him understand. His recent question was where are we? Meaning where are we currently staying? Smina as usual explained very easily, by saying the address. Mike got more curious, his next question was 'what is this flat number and street address?’ Now Smina had task in her hand, she said that’s the house number and street name. He went on... so what next? Smina explained next is locality, then the area, then the town and city.

Mike was in smiling now. That’s it right? He asked her again in confirmation. Smina replied no there is much more; we state next, then Country, then continent, then world and the universe. Mike was totally confused; he had wrinkles on the forehead indicating the confusion. His last strained question was 'why mama  !!! why so many things?’ Smina couldn't control her big smile as she hugged him.

The next morning Smina was at work as usual and Gurran, her colleague had a casual chat with her. Smina explained the whole episode of her son’s chain of questions and burst into laughter. Then she continued to tell him about the event at locality in which she stays, pointing out 'You know the majority community people right, the parents don't allow their kids to mingle and play with Mike', meaning she belonged to the minority. Gurran had big smile on his face, and uttered, 'parents are parents'. Smina too smiled though she understood nothing.

'Panchhi Nadiya Pawan Ke Jhonke...' heard this famous number from film 'Refugee' right? Javed Aktar wrote the lyrics, evergreen song we enjoy every word of it. The gist is why birds, rivers and breeze don't have any borders, and no boundaries stopping them. Borders are for and only humans, and what did we achieve by being humans. We continue enjoy the borders and differences and make songs like these, good to hear.

Enigma's return to innocence is one such song, shown in the reverse fashion, depicting the return from adulthood to childhood. Till he grows-up Mike continues to think !!! Gurran continues to smile !!! Smina and rest of the adult world continue to listen and sing 'Panchi nadiya pavan ke jhonke...' and 'Return to innocence'

Monday, February 8, 2010

YES Experience love now !!!

YES Experience love now !!!, well I have been thinking ages now, just about the title that matches my post. It really didn't take much time to arrive at this post. Our expert bloggers have already given so much of info that I have hardly anything to write but title.

Love is such a powerful word, it stands on its own. There are several posts already written on 'Right time to say 'I love you'' and 'Need to say "I love you" ...'. Ravi, my friend has done true justice to the post, he keeps all of us guessing on these words around love, when? need? so on. People already have found answers to those lines, on whether to say I love you or not. Some feel 'It's just not even required to tell I love you, being there and both knowing, and love for one another is important'. Truly its amazing to read the answer that communication is between two hearts rather than individuals.

I happen to recollect my good old post 'find your own ... be it god : short story' which few people liked though. My friend Sunil Koshy is good at words, more of heart than mind, saying 'she is my goddess', meaning the person he loves is worth the worship. I did recollect recent post from Renuka, saying Aryan sees Ganesha in all the idols he sees and he is very fond of him, millions do love Ganesha. One such thing to recollect again is a movie scene in which Upendra worships the girl whom he loves, some folks laugh at him asking 'is she dead? we only do pooja those who are dead'. His point is crisp and clear ' we worship god, and do pooja with the photograph of the divine, does that mean god is dead ?'.

Now another line that just doesn't get off me is 'to a friend's place the journey(actually distance) is never long', truly to the words that match another recent sms forward 'maximum friendship is love, minimum love is friendship'. I'm bad at words to explain on any of these lines 'Words ...'. Like the song 'its only words, and words are all I have to take your heart away'. Sometimes silence speaks more than words, and many people do say 'I'm overwhelmed and I can't find words to express'. There exist several thousands of languages, but still many find no words to express, or they don't know those words. But everyone understands the phrase 'I'm overwhelmed and I can't find words to express' by their own experience.

There is this experience... something special, I can try to explain. A guy sees a girl that his eyes just don't move after that, he speaks to her and the result is an amazing experience ... he is in love. I recollected this one from Oscar wilde's story 'The Nightingale and the Rose' where in love, brain stops working, all the messages sent are interpreted by the heart and brain stays idle. Now that’s the normal state to reach, it’s not the fault of the people who fall in love. Its more like lab practical once experiment is done, one understands better, now get ready to experience new ‘avatar’... planet Pandora  .... just experience love !!!