Sunday, December 27, 2009

Faking it ... virtual-reality...

Wow!! Amazing is all I can pick form my limited superlative(though they are not superlative) vocabulary when I see him on screen. Yes, for people out there it can be anyone like Salman khan, Shahrukh khan, or Rajnikanth or so... for me its unanimously Kamal Hassan. Another weekend movie... 'Anbe Sivam'. I was flattered by the performance of this genius. If I were to to call him genius its just an under statement.

There are artists out there around who perform, over perform and under perform. People mostly like the screen presence of the so called hero and feel the joy and pain in reality in their lives. Its a feeling that makes people feel these are the most perfect guys who would be ideal men. Its quite common to discover the unfound, undiscovered things in ones life while see them act. Movie is such a powerful media that people can relate to. I happen to meet people around who rarely can differentiate between acting and reality. Its the magic that artist create on screen that can be so powerful in faking it.

I remember this program on TV that's one such, 'Faking it' its a game show where professionals are trained to fake it, just like the acting schools. The program revolves around person no where related been trained to fake and if successful, he is the winner. I guess that's a super-hit formula, best faker is the winner. All woods have this ... I mean Hollywood, Bollywood so on, hmmm! anyways if Tiger woods too had this talent, he would not be in trouble today. Now its time to get into virtual-reality... I'm serious about this word, it means virtually real or really virtual... hmmm you got it right, I'm equally confused as you are, excuse me ... for the silly thing.

Actors are god on their own to people who appreciate their acting, or faking. I have watched great actors like Amithab Bachan, Shahrukh khan, Rajnikanth, Salman khan etc... well the names doesn't really matter to me, its their ability to fake it. I watched Kamal Hassan in 'Anbe Sivam', for a moment I couldn't fake myself admiring his faking skills, he is superb in the performance, Madhavan(Maddy) has done well but Kamal Hassan just steals the show. The very perfect line of the movie comes at the end, when a guy with a sword in his hand comes to kill Sivam (Kamal Hassan) and questions if he has seen god. The guy is perplexed like all others when Sivam replies 'I see god in front of me, you are the god, you came to kill me and sparing me' may be for good deeds.

O.J.Simpson case

Salman khan

Salman khan again

I just recalled a few lines from older post, 'Find your own... be it god...'. I felt, I have done justice to my post, atleast there is one faker who has my line on screen, felt good. I happen to recall a few other celebrity murderers like O.J.Simpson, some Bollywood artists as well who succeeded in acting as well and got off the judiciary hooks. Now I no longer wonder why 'faking it' is such a hit like any other cinema personality's personal life. I pray to so called judiciary god to no longer fake in their judgments as well. Long live Kamal Hassan, long live movies of his. Also long live reality of some famous stars, long live their personal lives, pun intended :). Let the world continue to enjoy.... in what they live in ... 'Faking it...'

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Its a new day... its a new start...

After thinking a lot on whether I should write a lackluster post like this; I'm finally penning and expressing the days experience. Its the same a day as usual; yet turns out to be like lines 'Its a new day... its a new start...'...

These lines are familiar to people who listen Bryan Adams, a very beautifully written song with true to life video that more than overwhelms with expressions in the song. The video is my favorite, hats off to the director.

Well my day started as usual hurrying up to office and reached there by 10. Only to find that there are loads of things to finish. I just remembered my friend Archana saying of her twisted ankle 'my leg is acting funny... and there is so much work to complete...' just before her sister's wedding. I just managed to punchin few keys saying 'you will be fine and you can manage things well; don't worry much, everything will be fine'. It didn't matter much though; but shockingly with that busy schedule she pulled of another post on her blog the very next day, amazing...Archana's blog

My friend Ravi cribbed that he had loads of work to be finished, and will not be able to make it to the wedding. Incidentally he said that he will reach there a day before the wedding and aptly called me up to inquire about me and Koshy. He made it before us and would enjoy the beautiful and lens capturing place of Shimoga a day before wedding, amazing...

After talking to the near and dear ones I was at work cracking my head, like trying to solve the game of sudoku (I have never even dreamt of playing it) just to mearge existing code :). I was successful in getting myself fuming not knowing what to do. Just then the bandwagon of my colleagues pulled me to the nearby temple on occasion of 'Hanuma Jayanti'. I was reluctant to get into such religious and unknown birthday as unwelcome guest.

There was a nice song by vocalist in classical style as we were in 'Raghunandana ... some ... vandana ... chandana ...'. It was coincidence of coincidences(crap words like movie 'kadal kotai') just the right time for the song with my name and nice female names in the lyrics. It was a cool place and lot of young women folks praying to the bachelor lord hanuman, probably to get wedding blessings. I didn't know what to do as I pushed myself in to the sweet served corner called prasadam. After that we were offered some pizza treat by the new joined colleagues, and suddenly a familiar and strong question was posted for me, 'Why do you treat everyday ?' I barely blurted out 'live every moment, live everyday...'.

Here I'm - this is me lyrics

I could connect myself to the video of Bryan Adams 'Here I'm...' and Grand Canyon (its like paradise... must see it atleast once in a lifetime). All that happened today was new ... its a new day ... now at 1:30 a.m I start another day ... Here I am - this is me...